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Gussie Du Jardin

1918 San Francisco, California - 2006 Roswell, New Mexico

Landscape painter Gussie DuJardin (1918-2006) was born Gertrude Rogers in San Francisco, California. She took the name of her aunt in adulthood and painted as ‘DuJardin’. She obtained her BA at the University of Colorado in 1939 and a MA in 1942 from the University of Iowa. Gusssie solo-exhibited at the Museum of New Mexico in Santa Fe in 1951 and 1957 which collected her work and at the New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas in 1973. After she and her husband, artist Elmer Schooley, participated in the RAiR program, they permanently relocated in Roswell across from the Historic Studios. They were mentors and friends to generations of artists-in-residence. Their artworks were co-exhibited in a retrospective exhibition at the Roswell Museum and Art Center in 2003-04.