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Artist: Forrest Moses (1934 - 2021 Palm Springs, California)

Printer: Printed by Ron Adams (1934 Detroit, Michigan - 2020 Los Angeles, California)

Department: Art
Date: 1976
Medium: lithograph on paper, ed. 1/25
Overall: 15 x 20 in. (38.1 x 50.8 cm)
Classification: Prints & Printmaking
Credit Line: Albuquerque Museum, gift of Samuel and Claudia Larcombe
Object number: PC1980.176.1
DescriptionAbstract composition with background in a coral shade at the top and green/yellow shade at the bottom. There are loose black and tan lines throughout of different thicknesses running mostly vertical. Loose marks of white and blue lines run horizontally throughout.
On view
Text Entries

Exhibition: New Mexico Landscapes

on view September 3, 2022 - March 19, 2023


Although Forrest Moses’s print is not intended as a realistic representation of nature, it still suggest an experience of being immersed in the natural world. One could be looking into a swampy pool filled with cattails or a forest floor littered with twigs and branches. Moses found inspiration in the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi which centers around an aesthetic appreciation of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Moses’s work often does not show specific scenes but likely evokes a mood, feeling, or even memory that is experienced differently by each viewer.